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Download Free UPSC Anthropology Optional Notes PDF- IAS Notes

UPSC Anthropology Optional Notes PDF Download

Download UPSC Anthropology Optional Notes PDF. Free UPSC CSE Anthropology study material. Download complete Anthropology Optional Notes PDF By Toppers at one place. UPSC Anthropology notes pdf free download. Get Anthropology toppers notes pdf here.

Scroll down: UPSC Anthropology Optional Notes

Examination Name: UPSC CSE

Subject: Anthropology Optional

Sachin Gupta Anthropology Notes PDF Download

Sachin gupta anthropology notes free download

  1. Handwritten Notes Paper 1 Biological Part
Download PDF Now
  1. Handwritten Notes Paper 1 Social Part
Download PDF Now

Handwritten Notes Paper 2 –

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Harsha Koya Anthropology Optional Notes PDF Download 

  1. Village Studies
  2. Paper 1 (Chapter 3)
  3. Paper 1 (Chapter 4)
  4. Paper 1 (Chapter 7)
  5. Paper 1 (Chapter 11)
  6. Paper 1 (Chapter 95, 97 and 98)
  7. Paper 2 (Chapter 3)
  8. Paper 2 (Chapter 4)
  9. Chapter 6 (2)
  10. Nation-state
  11. Ethno-archaeology
  12. Nature Man Spirit Complex
  13. Classical Evolution

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