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Kalhana: History according to Kalhana’s Rajatarangini

Kalhana: History according to Kalhana's Rajatarangini

Kalhan was a Kashmiri historian in the 12th century AD. He wrote a popular historical work with the title “Rajtarangni”.This famous book contains the history of India beginning from the Mahabharata age to the middle of the 12th century AD. In this book, Kalhan explained the attributes of a true historian and true historical work. Many historians considered Rajatarangini as a source of history in modern times.

According to Kalhan, a true historian should examine various available works of various writers critically so that a truthful picture of the past could be reconstructed.

Kalhana emphasized that the character of a true historian shall be that of a judge. His only objective should be to discover the truth on the basis of available evidence.

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According to Kalhana, a true historian should have a detached mind. The historian should not get involved in details emotionally. His task is not to interpret the past as good or bad but to present the past as it is.

A true historian should be without any prejudice or bias. Interpretation of the past should be uncolored without distortion.

A Historian should interpret the past in the light of present social cultural political and administrative and economic life so that knowledge of the past can be applied by people in their present life.

By reading a true historical work, the picture of past should appear in front of reader clearly.

A true historical work shall contain lessons for the future. By studying history of the previous period the wise people should be in a position to foresee the future.

A true historian must not incorporate personal values and belief in his work.

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