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  1. Relationship of Anthropology with Earth Sciences
  2. How does Anthropology differ from other Social and Behavioral Sciences?
  3. Sociology and Anthropology: Differences and Similarities
  4. Compare Psychology with Anthropology
  5. Natufian Culture: Discovery, Region, Significance, and etc.


  1. Explained: Cloning and its Procedure?
  2. Functions of Chromosomes in Human Being
  3. What is Ploid?


  1. Explained: Sublimation with an Example
  2. What is Graphene?


  1. 4 Indigenous Martial Art forms included in Khelo India Games
  2. Composite Culture Of India and its Feature
  3. Origin and Development of Temple Architecture in India with reference to regional styles and variations
  4. Pottery culture in Indian subcontinent
  5. Religion of the Sikh was the main force of their Unity

Current Affairs

  1. 21st March 2021 Current Affairs in Shorts: Current Affairs Today
  2. United States (USA) 4 Foundational agreements with India
  3. List of important Reports/Index published by International Organizations
  4. Everything about Smart India Hackathon 2020


  1. Aatmanirbhar Bharat Rojgar Yojana (ABRY)
  2. Atmanabir Bharat Package: Significant Structural Reforms for Different Sectors
  3. Bare Necessities index (BNI)
  4. Define demonetization and reasons for its enactment
  5. Depositary Receipt (DR)- Definition, Types, Advantages and Disadvantages
  6. External Commercial Borrowing (ECB)
  7. India’s public debt-to-GDP Ratio
  8. Mahalanobis’s strategy of industrialization led the foundation for Service led growth in India At The Cost Of Manufacturing
  9. Money laundering and its Stages
  10. Poverty in India: Calclation, Causes and Solutions
  11. Supply chain management (SCM): Definition, Functions and Challenges
  12. Tax Haven Explained in Depth
  13. What is Black Money?
  14. What is Capital and its Type? Low and High Capital Output Ratio
  15. What is hawala?
  16. What is Letter of Undertaking (LOU)
  17. What is the National Income (NI) of a Country? Concept of GDP, NDP, GNP and NNP
  18. What is Viability Gap funding (VGF)?
  19. Measurement of the extent of Formal sector and Formal employment
  20. Which are the major iron ore producing regions in the world? Discuss the factors that influence the location of the iron and steel industry.
  21. Distribution of Sugar Industry in India: The Issue and the Solution


  1. Chilika Lake: Ramsar site (Wetlands) in India
  2. Define ecology
  3. Define Hope Spots and its presence in India
  4. Difference between Warm-blooded and Cold-blooded animals?
  5. Ecological niche: Definition and Types
  6. Ecological pyramid: Definition, Type and limitations
  7. Ecological succession: Definition, Types, and Sequence
  8. Ecosystem | Definition, Components, Functions, and services of Ecosystem
  9. Important Floral groups found in India
  10. Kanjli Wetland: Ramsar site in India
  11. Keoladeo National Park | Ramsar (Wetland) site in India
  12. Lentic Vs Lotic Ecosystem
  13. Phytoplankton in Depth: Factors affecting their biodiversity and Distribution
  14. Explained: Ramsar Convention – Convention On Wetlands – Ramsar Sites
  15. Types of biotic interaction
  16. Wetland: Definition, Characteristics, Importance and Threats
  17. What is Agenda 21?
  18. Jharkhand Forest and Wildlife Conservation- 7th JPSC 2021
  19. The Great Nicobar and Niti Aayog’s ‘Sustainable’ vision
  20. Difference between SAFAR and AQI and NAAQS


  1. 3 Approaches in Ethics: Normative, Descriptive and Applied Ethics
  2. Basics of Ethics: GS Paper 4
  3. Difficulty in being both Politically successful and Ethical?
  4. Distinguish between Dilemma and Ethical Dilemma
  5. Does Ethics always help in resolution of Moral Dilemmas?
  6. Emotional Intelligence Vs. Social Intelligence (EQ vs SQ)
  7. Ethical Scrutiny of Human conduct | Ethics in Human Action (GS 4 Ethics)
  8. Ethics and Law: Definition, Relationship, Differences and Conflict (GS4)
  9. Ethics and Religion: Definition, Differences, Conflict and Similarities (GS4)
  10. Ethics & Social Norms
  11. How does Ethics differ from Morality?
  12. What is Professional Ethics? Definition and Types with Examples (GS4)
  13. Resolving an Ethical Dilemma: 5 Approach
  14. What is Ethics? Definition, Sources, Theories, and Applications – (GS-4)
  15. Ethics in Anthropological Research
  16. How to address Ethics Questions?


  1. About Asia: Important Countries, Seas, Oceans, Gulfs, Straits, Mountains, Rivers and etc
  2. ARYABHATA and His Contribution in Mathematics & Astronomy
  3. Explain the Characteristics of Monsoon Rainfall in India
  4. Define Climate: Factors that determine the Climate of India
  5. Earth in Brief: Important Facts About Our Planet
  7. Important facts related to solar system
  8. Isothermal Zone
  9. Most Important Lakes In India with Important Facts and Details
  10. Nicholas Copernicus: Discoveries, Inventions and Theories
  11. Weather Vs. Climate
  12. The Solar System, Sun, Planet, and Satellite

Government Scheme

  1. Aatmanirbhar Bharat Rojgar Yojana (ABRY)
  2. Minor Forest Produce (MFP) Scheme
  3. Mukhyamantri Sukanya Yojana: Jharkhand


  1. AO Hume role in the Foundation of Congress (INC)
  2. Archaeological Sources of Ancient Indian History
  3. Ashoka’s Dhamma was rooted in the Vedic-Upanishadic tradition
  4. August Offer (1940): Background, Provision, and Reaction
  5. Cabinet dictatorship in England (UK)
  6. Chalcolithic Culture in India
  7. Condition of Peasantry during 13th to 17th Century C.E.
  8. Critical examination of the role of British rule in the birth of Indian Nationalism
  9. Define Nationalism and Factors responsible for its Growth in India
  10. Enlightenment: Definition, Salient Feature, Spread, Scope, and Limitations
  11. Establishment of Congress was neither Sudden nor Expected
  12. Examine the Kings’s position in British Government. Why does the british monarchy still exist?
  13. Famous Slogans and their Authors
  14. Foundation of Congress (INC) and Controversies around it
  15. History of Ancient Indian Historiography: Did Ancient Indians have Historiographical knowledge?
  16. Home Rule Movement (1916) | Reason, Objective, Nature, Significance and Impact
  17. How Bhakti and Sufi movements served the same purposes?
  18. Ilbert Bill Controversy and Lord Rippon
  19. Impact of Geography on Indian History
  20. Indian Nationalism & contemporary International Development
  21. Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712–1778) Ideas and Philosophy
  22. Kalhana: History according Kalhana’s Rajatarangini
  23. Kalhan’s Rajatarangini as a reliable source of the political History of Kashmir
  24. Lightning Conductor Theory and Indian National Congress
  25. Literary Sources of Ancient Indian History: Significance and Limitations
  26. Lord Lytton and his reactionary Policies
  27. Maratha Polity disintegrate through Internal Stress
  28. Megalithic culture in India
  29. Modern History most Important Questions for BPSC and Other Exam
  30. Monetary Anemia in Early Medieval India (700-1200AD)
  31. Origin and Development of Temple Architecture in India with reference to regional styles and variations
  32. Period of Indian History from 3rd to 5th Century BCE was the period of Innovation and Interaction
  33. Positive effect of British rule on Indian Nationalism
  34. Pottery culture in Indian subcontinent
  35. Prehistoric religion and culture of India
  36. Primary and Secondary Sources (Ancient Indian History)
  37. Prime Minister of Britain: Position, Power and Function
  38. Puranas as a Source of Early Indian History
  39. Recurrence of Famines in 19th Century: Factors responsible and Remedial measures adopted by British
  40. Role of Economy in Indian Nationalism
  41. Role of Historical researches in Indian Nationalism
  42. Role of Middle class in Indian Nationalism
  43. Role of negative impact of British rule on rise of Indian Nationalism
  44. Role of Socio-Religious reforms Movement in Indian Nationalism
  45. Rousseau discourse on Inequality
  46. Rousseau: The Social Contract theory
  47. Schools of Indian Historiography – Approaches used to study Early Indian History
  48. Separatist Movement (1855-1947) in India
  49. Society in Post-Mauryan period (200 BC To 300 AD) India
  50. Stone Age tools and implements in Indian Subcontinent
  51. Voltaire was living in the age of enlightenment but the age itself was not enlightened. Comment
  52. Was Congress a brainchild of Lord Dufferin?
  53. Was Congress a Safety Valve for British Indian empire?
  54. Archaeological sites in Indian Sub-continent with Map
  55. Establishment of British rule in India (1757-1856)
  56. Nair Movement
  57. List of important Newspapers and Journals and their Founders and Authors
  58. List of important Anglo-Indian Wars in Modern History
  59. Gautam Buddha: Life History, Enlightenment, Teachings & Facts – Biography
  60. Most important facts about Buddhism (notes PDF)


  1. Anthropology: Scope, Aim, Branches and Research Method in Anthropology
  2. Ashoka’s Dhamma was rooted in the Vedic-Upanishadic tradition
  3. Attitude and Ethics- Definition, Characteristics, Function and Component
  4. Bihar BPSC CDPO Exam 2021 Recruitment notification: 55 Post, Pay scale, Age limit, and Fee
  5. Covid Vaccine Registration Process: Step-By-Step Guide
  6. Crowding in Vs. Crowding Out Effect
  7. Define Morals: Morality at Individual and Societal level
  8. Define Values in Ethics
  9. Download Bihar CDPO Previous Year Question Paper PDF for Prelims and Mains Exam
  10. Download Free UPSC Anthropology Optional Notes PDF- IAS Notes
  11. Financial inclusion: Definition, Progess and Challenges associated
  12. Geographical spread of Home Erectus
  13. Global Gender Gap Index 2020 and India: WEF
  14. Global Hunger Index
  15. Homo Erectus of Asia
  16. Homo Ergaster of Africa: Homo ergaster and erectus
  17. How DN Mazumdar define Race?
  18. Important facts of Census 2011 – 15th Census of India
  19. India’s first five-year plan | Dates, Definition & Facts
  20. Kiran Bedi removed as Puducherry Lt Governor. Who is new Puducherry’s Lieutenant Governor?
  21. Mass Media: Role, Influence, and Function
  22. Meaning of Anthropology: Etymological and Scientific meaning
  23. Most Important Lakes In India with Important Facts and Details
  24. Persuasion: Definition, Process, Mechanism and Barriers
  25. Society and its social facts
  26. Top 5 Best Wooden Baby Walkers In India of 2021
  27. Ultra Luxury Cribs for Baby in 2021
  28. Where Law ends, Ethics begin?
  29. Which index has been considered as the basis for estimation of poverty in rural areas?
  30. Why our services not absorbing the labour released by Agriculture and Manufacturing sector?
  31. 5 Best Baby Bed With Mosquito Net to Buy in 2021
  32. What is Anthropology? Relation of Anthropology with Sociology and Psychology
  33. Social Anthropology and its scope
  34. Define Social Anthropology and its relationship with Sociology and Psychology
  35. Define Race and discuss its traits and determinants
  36. Classification of Human Races in the World 
  37. First in Bihar GK – Personalities, Events, and Other Important Facts
  38. Define Religion and its impact on SocietyDefine Religion and its impact on Society
  39. Theories of the Origin of Tribal Religion – Religious theory
  40. Magic and Religion: Similarities and Differences
  41. What is Magic? Discuss the different types of Magic.
  42. Indian Agriculture and Animal Husbandry MCQ with Answers
  43. L. H. Morgan (1818-1888) | American anthropologist
  44. G20 Urban 20 (U20) Mayor Summit 2021
  45. United Kingdom’s (UK) Indo-Pacific post-Brexit Foreign Policy
  46. BPSC MVI Exam Date 2020 Announced– Motor Vehicle Inspector Written (Objective) Competitive Examination Timetable
  47. BIHAR Facts for BPSC, BSSC Exam | History, Geography, Polity, and Statistics
  48. Cyber Security vs. Data Privacy: Differences, Challenges and Way Forward
  49. 120+ Bihar Important Facts: For BPSC, BSSC Exam Preparation- Bihar GK
  50. Economic Anthropology with definition and example
  51. 6 Best Baby Food Maker, Processor, Blender, and Cooker in India 2021


  1. ARYABHATA and His Contribution in Mathematics & Astronomy
  2. Nicholas Copernicus: Discoveries, Inventions and Theories


  1. Article 32 and Article 226: Differences and Similarities
  2. Balwant Rai Mehta Committee (1957) on Panchayat Raj Institutions
  3. Constituent Assembly of India
  4. Criminalization of Politics in India
  5. Define Constitution and its Function
  6. Define Judicial review and its Place in Indian Constitution
  7. Define Preamble and its Nature: Sovereign, Secular, Democratic, Socialist, Republic, Justice, etc.
  8. Difference between Fundamental Rights and DPSP (Directive Principles of State Policy)
  9. House of Lords in Britan: composition, power and functions
  10. How India is unitary? Unitary Features of the Indian constitution
  11. Judicial Review and its role in America
  12. Parliamentary Committees and Its Various Types in Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha
  13. Pressure Groups and its Importance in the Modern era
  14. Pressure groups in America and its Characteristics
  15. Pressure groups in the United Kingdom (UK) and its Characteristics
  16. Relationship Between Fundamental Right And DPSP (Directive Principles Of State Policy)
  17. Right to Recall Law in India Explained
  18. Role of Political Parties in the American Constitution
  19. Rule of law in the United Kingdom’s constitution and its Limitations
  20. What is the Doctrine of Eclipse?
  21. Who decides whether the Bill is a Money Bill or not?
  22. Are Elections in India ‘Free and Fair’: Justice Madan Lokur
  23. Who is the Executive/Constitutional head of State government?
  24. By which Constitutional amendment Delhi was given the National Capital Territory status?
  25. Formation and structure of PANCHAYAT is described in which Article of the Constitution?
  26. Types of Emergencies under Indian constitution
  27. Right of Voting in India: The Right upon which all other Rights depend


  1. In which state do the most scheduled tribes reside?
  2. Who is called the Pioneer of liberalization of the Indian economy?
  3. Which Chief Justice of India also served as the President of India?
  4. Who appoints the Members of the State Public Service Commission?

Question Paper

  1. JPSC 2014 Prelims Paper 1 and 2 PDF in Hindi
  2. MPPSC Previous Year Question Paper PDF in English and Hindi for Prelims and Mains (2019-2015)
  3. PPU: POLITICAL SCIENCE (Subsidiary) BA Part-2 Exam, 2020 Question Paper in Hindi and English
  4. Last 40 Years UPSC Prelims Question Paper PDF Download: Topic-wise Compilation (1979-2019)
  5. 60-62nd BPSC Prelims Question Paper PDF in Hindi (Download) – 2017
  6. [PDF] IAS Prelims Art & Culture 40 Years Question Paper PDF Download (1979-2019)- UPSC CSE
  7. UPSC: Modern History 40 years Question paper of IAS Prelims with Answers PDF Download (1979-2019)
  8. Medieval History Previous 40 Years IAS Prelims Solved Papers (1979-2019) PDF Download- UPSC CSE
  9. UPSC Ancient History Previous 40 Years IAS Prelims Question Paper PDF (1979-2019) Download
  10. UPSC Indian Geography Previous 40 Years IAS Prelims Question Paper PDF (1979-2019) Download
  11. Indian Polity Previous 40 Years IAS Prelims Solved Papers (1979-2019) PDF Download- UPSC CSE
  12. [PDF] Environment Previous 40 Years IAS Prelims Solved Papers (1979-2019) PDF Download- UPSC CSE
  13. 63rd BPSC Geography Optional Question Paper PDF Download
  14. [PDF] Download BPSC Previous 10 year Question Paper PDF in Hindi
  15. Download HPAS 2016 Prelims Question Paper 2 PDF in Hindi (Solved papers) – HPPSC


  1. Religion of the Sikh was the main force of their Unity
  2. Society in Post-Mauryan period (200 BC To 300 AD) India
  3. Swa-Dharma and Sadharan Dharma: Differences
  4. Types of Marriages in the Whole World
  5. Define Religion and its impact on Society
  6. G S Ghurye gives 7 Characteristics of Caste in India
  7. Definition of Race by Dr. D N Majumdar
  8. Major Founders of Indian Anthropology


  1. First non-British president of the Marylebone Cricket Club


  1. Supersonic-Combustion Ramjet (Scramjet) Engine